An efficient and pollution free incinerator system, which basically consist of a refractory chamber in which combustion of waste materials is carried out using air-controlled combustion thereby eliminating the need for any ignition fuel. Also the subsequent treatment of emissions in a purification chamber which uses the principle of a water scrubber and activated charcoal to ensure the removal of solid polluting particulates and foul smell from the emissions prior to its discharge into the atmosphere.

With the increasing number of residential apartments in the country, waste disposal methods are avoided and not given the proper attention required. They mainly depend on waste disposal by landfills, dumping, burning, ocean dumping and other similar methods which are not environment friendly.

The disposal of non-biodegradable wastes such as thin plastics along with other organic wastes through these methods are found to be the main cause of soil and water pollution in our country and this is a matter of serious concern that needs to be addressed very soon.

It is observed that the volume of waste generated by common residential areas is alarming and found to be even more than that produced by industries. The use of incinerators in large industries for waste disposal is commonly seen nowadays. But the application of incinerators in residential areas and institutions may be a new approach to waste disposal methods.

Many present day incinerating operations do not meet environmental standards as they often involve the direct exhaustion of high temperature pollutant-laden products of combustion into the atmosphere.


  • To provide a controlled and efficient incineration method for domestic waste disposal.
  • To provide a relatively inexpensive incineration system which requires no combustion fuel.
  • To ensure pollution free emissions using a smoke treatment unit which effectively removes the solid particulates.
  • To provide a simple and easy to use system which can be operated by anyone.


  • Designed and built by specialists in incinerator systems.
  • Specially designed furnace that holds maximum temperature with refractory brick lining inside along with ceramic blanket.
  • Designed for safe and easy operation with simple tuning method.
  • Ensuring highest efficiency in most economical way.
  • Incorporated with many benefits as in high priced systems, yet with an affordable budget.
  • A separate chamber for disposal of wet waste.
  • Designed damper provided at the tuyere for air controlled burning.
  • Air control burning which provide maximum efficient burn.
  • The residue is sterile ashes.
  • Ash pit provided below that removes the ash easily.
  • Incineration that requires no fuel.
  • Completely covered system for good appearance and safe use.
  • Separately supported chimney with 9 meters height.
  • Eliminating pollutants and toxic gases through purification using water scrubber prior to emission.
  • Virtually smoke and smell free.
  • Activated charcoal chamber that controls the smell.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Portable system that can be moved.
  • Maintenance free system.
  • No operation cost or other expenses.
  • One year warranty with complete access to technical support.
  • Available in several models.
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